You or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offence.

What now?

… take a deep breath and know that we’re here for you.

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First… know that you have options.

It’s overwhelming when you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offence.

The Authorities have read out a few of the rights, but do you really know the options available? It can feel like all that the Authorities want is for you to go along through the system so they can get a quick and easy conviction.

It’s not their job to ensure you know what’s going on nor is it up to them to ensure you know all the options you have… That’s what we do for you.

Finding legal counsel who can personally look after you and represent your case should be the first option you look after for yourself or the person who’s been charged.

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Then… know we may be your best option.

As one of Calgary’s leading criminal defence firms, we’re not only here to look after your criminal charges, we’re here to look after you.

Over many years of practice we’ve built one of the strongest reputations in Western Canada for looking after individuals who have been charged with crimes ranging from white collar crimes to violent offences, drug offences, driving offences and other criminal charges or appeals. In all that we do, we leverage the full power, proficiency and experience of our Partners and our Associates to determine the best course of action to take that looks after your legal issues while ensuring that we keep you at the center of our attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Someone I know has been arrested and called me for help from jail. What should I do?2018-11-28T13:44:53-06:00

With such an important decision, you’ve got to make the right one.

It is our professional opinion that you look to retain a highly qualified and experienced criminal defence attorney to represent this person as soon as possible. This call often occurs right when the person is about to be interrogated by the police. They need sound legal advice before this happens. Our lawyers are available for these calls 24/7 at 403-262-1110.

Everyone who is arrested is entitled to be brought before a Justice of the Peace (“JP”) within 24 hours of arrest and it’s critically important that sound legal advice be obtained before this initial appearance. Contact our firm at Sitar & Milczarek and we’ll help you look after things for the person counting on you.

I think the police might be investigating me for a criminal offence. What do I do?2018-11-05T11:35:08-06:00

You should contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately to ensure you understand the investigative techniques often used by law enforcement to gather evidence of past or ongoing offences. As a full service criminal defence firm, Sitar & Milczarek is regularly contacted by individuals before criminal charges are laid. During those consultations we can often greatly assist our clients in mounting a successful defence as the case arises. If you are concerned that you are being investigated, call our firm at Sitar & Milczarek and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

The police have called me and asked me to come in for questioning. Something doesn’t seem right. What should I do?2018-10-26T10:20:36-06:00

You should advise the police that you wish to contact a lawyer before meeting with them. You need to fully understand your rights and it’s imperative that you do this prior to meeting with law enforcement whenever possible – this ensures you have sufficient time to have all of your questions answered. Our team at Sitar & Milczarek frequently meets with individuals before charges are laid to provide sound advice and to engage in discussions with law enforcement on your behalf. If you have been contacted by a police officer, connect with our firm first.

I have been charged with a criminal offence and I think I’m going to represent myself. I’m guilty and my friends say I can just pay a fine.2018-11-28T13:45:16-06:00

In our professional opinion… DON’T DO IT. We’ve seen too many cases where someone has been inappropriately convicted of a crime based on illegally obtained evidence, a potentially coerced witness or a misunderstanding swayed in favor of a conviction that can often have life-long consequences.

Criminal law is complex and you need an educated and experienced firm who will look after your interests and ensure you are properly protected within the complex criminal justice system. Even if you just wish to plead guilty, we can often negotiate with the Crown to ensure you avoid a criminal record. Our team has built a solid reputation for leveraging creative arguments and exceptional knowledge of the technicalities of criminal litigation. Before you make any decisions about how to plead, let us help you look after yourself.

I don’t think a criminal record is a big deal. I’m self-employed so I don’t need to worry about background checks.2018-11-05T11:36:33-06:00

Criminal records affect much more than just your employment. Many criminal convictions result in difficulty with travelling abroad or with volunteering with community organizations like the local hockey team, your children’s school or larger not-for-profit organizations. No one should ever blindly accept criminal charges without knowing the long-term impact it will have on their life.

I feel that the police mistreated me when I was arrested. What can I do?2018-11-28T13:48:41-06:00

Unfortunately we can’t undo the actions that made you feel mistreated, but we can help you move ahead. Our firm regularly assists our clients in overseeing lawsuits against police officers and corrections officials. These lawsuits can result in acknowledgment of the mistreatment and award financial compensation to you for your experience. We’d be happy to see if this applies to your specific situation when we connect.